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FALCON And THE WINTER SOLDIER To Get Their Own Series On Disney Play


Thanos’s snap didn’t work, because instead of being half dead the MCU is expanding. When the Disney Play streaming service launches next year, we will see the development of television series for Scarlet Witch and Loki. Now Variety is reporting that we will see two more get the same treatment – The Winter Soldier and Falcon.

The show will have them team up together, and will be written by Empire scribe Malcolm Spellman. The series is expected to be six to eight episodes.

This might offer some clues as to the fate of Captain America. The show couldn’t really be before Infinity War, because they’re paths wouldn’t allow for it. So in my mind, there is only one reason why these two would be together without Cap, and that would be because Steve Rogers isn’t around anymore.

No word on what the show is about, but I could see it being them deciding who should be the one to take up the mantle of Captain America, only to realize that there is room for both of them.

For those concerned about the divide between the TV and movies, do not worry. All of the Marvel shows produced for the Disney Play app will be made by Marvel Studios, and overseen by Kevin Feige. The budget is expected to be quite large too. So I assume these will feel like long movies, as opposed to a television series.

The moments that the two characters spent together in Captain America: Civil War were great. They were mostly roasting Spider-Man, but there’s no denying that Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan have chemistry together.

It’s curious that the most obvious candidate for the “Disney Play Show” treatment hasn’t even been mentioned. Hawkeye is ripe for a format like this. Maybe his journey in Avengers 4 doesn’t allow for it. With Katherine Langford joining the cast, it’s possible the MCU has found their next Hawkeye in Kate Bishop. But I wouldn’t rule out her being the daughter of Tony Stark and Pepper Potts, or a grown Cassie Lang either.

What other MCU character would you like to see get a show? I think one with Michael Rooker’s Yondu would be fun. I’d also like to see Korg go on adventures.

But with a Scarlet Witch show (in which /Film exclusively reports that Vision will be a big part of the show), a Loki show and now a Winter Soldier/Falcon team up show, Disney Play already has quite the line up waiting for subscribers. That doesn’t even include the live action Star Wars TV show, and all of the Walt Disney Studios properties they are doing like a Monsters Inc TV show, and a live action Lady and The Tramp movie.

In other words, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

Source: Variety


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