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RUMOR: Kate Bishop Might Be Arriving In The MCU In The Near Future


Jeremy Renner has had some rather peculiar luck when it comes to big blockbuster franchises. He’s been involved with three massive franchises (Mission: Impossible, The Bourne Legacy and the MCU) and they’ve all yielded unusual results for the actor. In the former two, Renner’s character was introduced as a potential new character to succeed the long-standing original protagonist and neither attempt stuck, although Renner’s character in the Mission: Impossible series did return in Rogue Nation several years ago. Meanwhile Renner’s role as Clint Barton/Hawkeye in the MCU has been relatively successful- but as a recurring side-character in the ensemble films. However it would appear that might be changing a bit in the near future!

Jeremy Conrad of MCU Cosmic has provided an update on an older report of his that a Hawkeye solo movie “is in some stage of internal development.” He adds though that might change with the recently announced plans of MCU mini-series being made for the upcoming Disney streaming service. The exciting part of this update though lies in what Conrad reports is the rumored story, stating that it “will involve Clint Barton’s Hawkeye, but it will deal with him training a new younger archer. Comic fans can probably figure out who that new archer is.

Presumably the “new archer” is fan-fave character Kate Bishop, the third and most recent Hawkeye in the comics and is a member of the Young Avengers. In recent years, Bishop has both co-starred alongside Barton and starred in her own solo Hawkeye series of comics.

Personally I really hope this happens. Aside from it being high time Renner gets a film of his own to shine in as Hawkeye, I’m typically a sucker for those “passing the baton” type stories. Granted if this story is used for one of the upcoming series, I think that would work well too.

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