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Michael Keaton And Seth Rogen Will Star In McAfee Biopic KING OF THE JUNGLE


Michael Keaton has protected Gotham City, and now he will protect your computer. Deadline reports that Keaton will co-star with Seth Rogen in a “dark comedy” about the true story of John McAfee. Batman and the Green Hornet on screen together!

Keaton will play McAfee, while Rogen will play Ari Furman, the reporter assigned to do a story on him.

The I Love You Phillip Morris directors, Glenn Ficarra and John Requa will helm this film. The script is written by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski who wrote American Crime Story.

The movie was originally announced last year with Johnny Depp tapped to star as McAfee (Keaton is a bit older, so maybe we will see some CGI for his younger days), but he doesn’t really have the same appeal that he used to, so going with Rogen and Keaton is a better choice.

Deadline has the synopsis:

Based on the Wired magazine article John McAfee’s Last Stand, the film will tell the wild true story of rogue tech magnate McAfee (Keaton), creator of the McAfee Antivirus software, who cashed-in his fortune, left civilization, and moved to the jungle in Belize. There, he set-up a Colonel Kurtz-like compound of guns, sex and madness. In the film, Wired magazine investigator Ari Furman (Rogen) accepts what he thinks is a run-of-the-mill assignment to interview McAfee, but once he arrives in Belize, he finds himself pulled into McAfee’s escalating paranoia, unhinged reality, and murder.

The movie sounds like The Wolf Of Wall Street levels of crazy, and I can definitely see Keaton pulling it off. It sounds like Rogen will have to play it straight, a role which he has pulled off before. He’s quite good at it.

I am not familiar with the story of McAfee, but now I am certainly intrigued.

No released date for King Of The Jungle yet, but we will be sure to keep you posted.



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