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THE FANBOY: ‘Talkin’ Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man: Far From Home Rumors, and Art Is Life On Steroids’


On this week’s all-new episode of The Fanboy Podcast w/ Mario-Francisco Robles, MFR delves into some of the week’s big rumors- revealing what all that Superman buzz was about earlier in the week, and also shedding light on a Batman scoop that fizzled out before it could become the career-making story he thought it could be. From there, he shifts his focus over to Marvel and some intriguing things he’s heard about the casts for Spider-Man: Far From Home and Avengers 4. Things then evolve into a discussion about how the best works of art are often created by people who know how to take the concerns of everyday life and simply dial everything to 11.

He purposely does not address the “rebooting the DCEU through Wonder Woman 1984” rumor that took the internet by storm earlier this, because he already entertained the idea of that RIGHT HERE. And, while he can still see how or why Warner Bros. would consider such a thing, he also thinks it’s extremely unlikely to happen.

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