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TERMINATOR Takes WONDER WOMAN 1984’s Old Release Date


I find that the phrase ‘for better or worse’ gets a lot of mileage. I’m sure I’ve used it frequently in a number of my articles here at RTF since I joined at the start of the summer. Here’s an example: For better or worse, DCU fans will have to wait longer to see Wonder Woman 1984. Here’s another: For better or worse, yet another Terminator film is being made. As it turns out, those two examples are now related to one another.

In the wake of Wonder Woman 1984 being bumped over to an early June 2020 release date, the untitled Terminator sequel helmed by Deadpool director Tim Miller has quickly been bumped up to its old release date of November 1, 2019. Additionally the upcoming Charlie’s Angels reboot has also been bumped up to the same release date.

Personally, I’m cautiously optimistic for this new Terminator film. There’s absolutely potential in the franchise still, but I think a lot of that relies on Miller and returning creator James Cameron making the tough call of moving past the Connor family and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s iconic T-800. Ideally this film can act as a “passing the torch” type story akin to Star Wars: The Force Awakens and introduce new characters that audiences can love and want to follow along for more installments.

We’ll see how that turns out though, as the franchise has struggled for years now. Hopefully Miller and Cameron can deliver a film that lives up to the legacy of the first two films.

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