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Social Media Data May Point To Trouble For Remaining MARVEL Netflix Shows


In the last month, fans were anxiously awaiting the return of the godfather of the Marvel corner of Netflix – Daredevil. But it came with a cost. Both Iron Fist and Luke Cage were cancelled by the streaming service.

Iron Fist was chalked up to negative reception, but there are a few things that could have contributed to the cancellation of Luke Cage. So where does that leave Daredevil, Jessica Jones and The Punisher?

Netflix doesn’t release viewing figures for their show. They never have. So the only way things can be gauged is through what Netflix tells us, or through social media conversations. According to Business Insider, the social media impact has lessened significantly for all of the shows after their initial season. For example, there were around 300,000 posts about Jessica Jones during the first season. When the second season aired, it was around half of that.

Daredevil has had the same thing happen, though not as severe:

The first season in 2015 saw nearly 275,000 posts, while season two saw a little over 200,000. That’s not a huge drop, and the recently released third season inspired around 75,000 posts halfway through October, meaning that number could increase by month’s end.

There will be at least one more season of Jessica Jones, and The Punisher, since they are both already filmed, but beyond that is anyone’s guess.

With the impeding arrival of the Disney Play App, Marvel’s presence on Netflix was bound to be diminished anyway. Whether these shows move to that service, or go away completely remains to be seen.

But Netflix doesn’t do things in a traditional manner. So the social media conversations could mean nothing. Social media is becoming an increasingly depressing and angry place. Lots of people are leaving to preserve their mental health. Just because some people aren’t tweeting about it, doesn’t mean they still aren’t watching it.

We won’t ever know what the viewership actually is, unless Netflix decides to change their procedures.

Does this worry you? What do you think the chances are of the remaining Marvel shows surviving beyond what is in the can already?

Source: Business Insider


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