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RTF RUMOR CONFIRMED: Dante Pereira-Olson Cast As Young Bruce Wayne In JOKER (And The Film Has Its Alfred!)


Last week, our very own MFR put out an exclusive rumor about two actors he’d heard were cast in Todd Phillips’ Joker (Justin Theroux and child actor Dante Pereira-Olson). Now another site has confirmed one of those castings! reported that they could confirm that Pereira-Olson has been cast in Joker to play a young Bruce Wayne, which was one of MFR’s two guesses for Pereira-Olson’s role.

I haven’t seen much of Pereira-Olson’s previous performances as an actor, but he certainly looks like a young Bruce Wayne to me. Ultimately I think it really is going to come down to how much we’ll get to see Bruce in Joker. Will he just cameo briefly as a happy child living in a rich upbringing with his two parents? Or will the film show Bruce post-Crime Alley as he deals with grief and the sparks of the Dark Knight are first lit. Interestingly he previously co-starred alongside Joaquin Phoenix in You Were Never Really Here and played a younger version of Phoenix’s character in the film. also reported earlier this week that The Night Manager actor Douglas Hodge has been cast to play the Wayne family’s ever-loyal butler Alfred Pennyworth in the film. Like Pereira-Olson, I’m not very familiar with Hodge’s previous work but he seems like a very intriguing choice to play Alfred. I suspect his take on the role, however brief it may be in Joker, will probably be a bit different from the likes of Jeremy Irons, Michael Caine or the late Michael Gough.

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