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Frank Grillo Supposes Next CAPTAIN AMERICA Could Be Female Or Person Of Color


Frank Grillo is a human who reads the internet like the rest of us. While he starred in Captain America: Winter Soldier for Marvel along with Chris Evans, he really isn’t involved with the company anymore and is just speculating on things like the rest of us.

He was asked to weigh in on the next Captain America, and his guess is a safe one. When he appeared on Larry King Now, he theorized what direction the casting could go. He said the next Captain America could be a woman, or a person of color. You can see the clip below.

Let’s suppose for a moment that he does know something more than the average person. Who could it be? There are two obvious choices.

  • Peggy Carter.

With the introduction of the Time Stone in the MCU, time travel could very well be possible. There is a world where Peggy could take up the mantle of Captain America after Steve Rogers. There is a precedent for it, as it has happened in the comics. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see Hayley Atwell back in the MCU?

Peggy Carter Captain America

  • Sam Wilson.

Sam Wilson is already in the MCU as Falcon. As he says, he does what Cap does, just slower. Wilson becomes Captain America in the comics as well. Anthony Mackie could very well be the next one to use the shield.

Sam Wilson Captain America.jpg

I could see both of these options being viable ones for Marvel to look into. There are others as well, like Sharon Carter. It could also be a brand new character we’ve yet to see in the MCU.

If Marvel doesn’t go that route however, Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes is the next logical choice too.

I love Hayley Atwell, and if they can make it work within the story for her to take up the mantle, then that is my vote.

Who would you want to see as the next Captain America in the MCU?

Source: Larry King Now


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