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ARROWVERSE: John Wesley Shipp’s THE FLASH Will Be In The ELSEWORLDS Crossover


“My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive.”

That is the sentence that Grant Gustin uses to open every episode of The Flash. But it seems when the Elseworlds crossover happens, he will be the only one who can’t say that.

We already knew that Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin would be switching roles. Amell even tweeted Gustin’s signature phrase when showing the poster:

Now Amell has tweeted a picture of himself with another Barry Allen – the one from the 90’s TV show played by John Wesley Shipp.

Holy Shipp! It is very cool to see the OG Flash in his old suit again. Shipp is no stranger to the Arrowverse – he played Barry Allen’s father Henry, and then Jay Garrick from another Earth. But now he is playing the role he originated on TV – Barry Allen.

So let’s recap:

Stephen Amell is Barry Allen. He is the fastest man alive.

John Wesley Shipp is Barry Allen. He is the fastest man alive.

Grant Gustin used to be Barry Allen. But now he’s something else. Something more. He is….The Green Arrow.

Take some ibuprofen, it helps me with the headache.

Think of all we know. Not just the stuff in this post, but that they might be visiting the Kent house from Smallville. Or that some version of Superman will be wearing his black suit, and his red and blue suit as seen in this tweet from Amell:

We also know that Batwoman (played by Ruby Rose) and Gotham City will feature in the crossover.

So, if we know all of this, then there is one very important question to ask:

What is The CW not telling us? What secrets are in store for us if they are okay with telling us everything we know already?

I can already say with certainty that we are in for a treat, I mean, it looks like Shipp stepped out of a time machine from 1990!

Every time something like this gets released, I am convinced there is nothing more they will show us. But then the last revelation gets upstaged by the next. We are lucky that Stephen Amell hasn’t been driven off Twitter by toxic “fans.” Look at all the treats we would be missing.

December 7th marks the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – a game that will take all of my time going forward. I didn’t think anything would peel me away from that in the foreseeable future… but Elseworlds will. In a year where Avengers: Infinity War happened, it is amazing to me that there is a crossover I am looking forward to just as much.

The Arrowverse is in full swing now, and the Elseworlds crossover will be the 9th episode of Supergirl, Arrow and The Flash. You should probably watch it. You should probably follow Stephen Amell on Twitter also, since it looks like he is going to keep dropping surprises on us.

Elseworlds will air over 3 nights, December 9th, 10th, and 11th.


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