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Lex Luthor Is Coming To SUPERGIRL And The Arrowverse!


DC TV has been on fire recently, over the past few days we have seen unexpected glimpses of characters for the Elseworlds crossover event, locations which bring fond memories but countless questions and today we get word that Lex Luthor himself will be joining Supergirl. The addition of this nefarious villain to Supergirl will be a recurring role, with his character likely joining in the latter half of the current season and absent from the Elseworlds crossover event.

Since its early days on CBS, Supergirl has name dropped her cousin’s archenemy more times than I can count. Supergirl season 2 and Season 3 focused heavily on Lena Luthor and the Luthor siblings’ mother, Lillian. The two season long character arcs played out in what appears to be, although often questionable, a redemption arc for Lena from the Luthor name. Season 2 even hinted at Luthor’s power suit, with Lillian suiting up during season 3, making the power suits live action debut.


Lex Luthor was previously seen in an end credit scene to Justice League attempting to form the Legion of Doom, and prior to that in, Smallville, played by Michael Rosenbaum. Rosenbaum’s portrayal of the character was in most fans’ view the quintessential characterization of the iconic villain. Unfortunately, he left the role after seven seasons but returned for the series finale to cap off a brilliantly written character arc.


Rosenbaum currently hosts his own podcast called Inside of You where he interviews other celebrities in what he prides his show as a therapeutic conversation about their flaws, insecurities and obstacles of life as regular people. As a fan of Rosenbaum through Smallville, the chance to revisit this great actor weekly is quite the delight. I would urge any fan to give his interviews a listen as he sits with Stephen Amell, Justin Hartley, Zachary Levi, Dave Bautista, James Gunn, and Tom Welling to name a few for in depth heart-to-heart talks about their personal struggles in life.

News that the Monitor will feature heavily in Elseworlds, along with so many alternate versions of established characters, and the on-set videos and images of the Smallville Kent Farm, I think we will see our group of heroes traveling the multiverse, therefore confirming Smallville exist within the multiverse of the Arrowverse. Wouldn’t that be a neat treat to the legacy of DC TV?


What do you think about the inclusion of Lex Luthor on Supergirl? Who would you like in the role of Lex? Let us know on the comment section below.

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