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THE FANBOY GARAGE: ‘Titans- A Hit or Miss?, The Death of Iron Fist, The Flash is WB’s Gambit, Hellboy Without GDT, More!’


This week on The Fanboy Garage, hosts Aaron Virola and Chris Lisanti unpack their thoughts on the first episode of Titans, available on the DC Universe streaming service. During the discussion they examine the idea of weekly and episodic steaming and whether or not it’s something that can help or hinder a show like Titans.


You can listen to the latest episode RIGHT HERE…

From there, the fellas talk about the cancellation of Iron Fist before moving into how streaming services are changing how content is consumed. Next, they flash past updates that The Flash movie has been postponed to 2021 before diving head first into the controversy surrounding a behind the scenes photo of Tyler Hoechlin sporting the infamous black Superman costume.  Before jumping into fan questions, they give listeners a breakdown of the new Glass trailers and share their reactions to the recently leaked Hellboy trailer.


To close the show, they tackle listener questions around their favorite trilogies, questions they’d ask Walter Hamada and Kathleen Kennedy, how they’d rank the Nightmare on Elm St franchise before challenging the idea that age of the movie star not dead but very much ALIVE!


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Aaron Virola

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