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The Arrowverse’s ELSEWORLDS Crossover Will Show An Iconic SMALLVILLE Location


This crossover just keeps getting better. After last year’s Crisis On Earth-X (which you should all tweet our Editor In Chief MFR and tell him to watch it), I wasn’t sure how things were going to get any better. But then it announced that this year would feature Batwoman and Gotham City. On top of that, they added Superman and Lois Lane. Then it was revealed that Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell would be switching roles. Now comes news of Elseworlds paying tribute to another DC show: Smallville.

Sorry for the vague headline, but I didn’t want to spoil people who don’t want to know the details. It seems like the cast is filming scenes at the location that was used as the Kent House in Smallville. (A show which ran from 2001-2011, the year before Arrow started, on The CW)

Melissa Benoist posted this on her Instagram:

That lead to speculation that we would be visiting Smallville, Kansas in this crossover.

But then she posted this as a moment, and thanks to the eagle eyed folks over at Krypton Site, we might be visiting a particular version of the Kent House:

Gustin Smallville Elseworlds

Here is a picture of the Kent House from Smallville, via KryptonSite:

Now, what does this mean? Let’s breakdown both sides.

I doubt very much we will see the cast of Smallville, (we certainly won’t be seeing Allison Mack anytime soon….), this could just be a cool Easter Egg for fans. This is where I stand. A cool Easter Egg that celebrates the history of DC TV. I mean, we’ve had Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher on Supergirl already. There is a precedent for this sort of thing.

However, look how much they’ve shown us already. We know a lot. In today’s world, there are always surprises in these big TV events. So what are they not showing us? Could we be getting a Tom Welling cameo? If Tyler Hoechlin is playing Black Suit Superman, could they find themselves in the Smallville universe to get the help of another Superman? It is certainly possible.

We know precisely what The CW wants us to know. While all of these things could be considered spoilers, I bet the best is yet to come.

As Han Solo says: “This baby’s got a few surprises left in her, sweetheart.

Elseworlds is a three night event, starting Sunday, December 9th.


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