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Jack Bannon Cast As PENNYWORTH


Epix’s Alfred Pennyworth 10-episode series by Gotham show runner Bruno Heller has cast its series lead. Jack Bannon has been cast in Heller’s re-imagining of Batman’s legendary butler during his early years.

Pennyworth is yet another Batman related series without Batman, and is being described as a story of a young former SAS soldier attempting to make a life for himself post service. It is speculated he forms a security company and comes under the employment of Thomas Wayne, while struggling to cope with the man he has become versus the man he was prior to his SAS service. 

Pennyworth is show runner Bruno Heller’s second go at the world of Batman, after developing Gotham over on FOX for the past 5 seasons. Gotham split viewers for its wacky character depictions that clearly took way too many liberties with such an iconic rogues gallery. Yet somehow another network decided Heller was the guy for another Batman prequel without Batman.


Jack Bannon’s recent works include roles in Fury, Imitation Game and Ripper Street to name a few. His casting for Pennyworth shows the series is skewing for a much younger representation of the character than we are accustomed to. The younger age frees the producers to take several liberties with the character prior to his employment with the Wayne’s and parenting to a young Bruce.

Production is slated to begin next month with additional casting announcements on the horizon. Are you excited for Pennyworth? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: THR


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