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THE REVENGERS: “THE FLASH Delayed (Again), Chris Evans’ Mixed Signals, Dark Phoenix, and GOING COSMIC!”


On this week’s episode of The Revengers: The Official Movie & TV Podcast of Revenge of The Fans, hosts Mario-Francisco Robles, Vanessa Lee Bontea, and Brett all dive into the week’s big stories.

This week’s show finds The RTF Trinity sounding off on the fresh news that WB has delayed The Flash again- which leads MFR to cook up one of his patented conspiracy theories! While on that subject, they also touch on the apparent end of Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill’s tours of duty as Superman and Batman.

They then turn their attention Sophie Turner’s intriguing comments about the next (and likely last) mainline X-Men movie from Fox, Dark Phoenix, as well as Chris Evans’ backpedaling on his Captain America spoiler, and the cancellation of Iron Fist.

From there, they field a few listener questions about:

  • Getting a Superman video game made right
  • More low-budget DC films like Joker we’d like to see
  • Would the “proper Man of Steel” sequel everyone seems to yammer on and on about actually have helped things?

You can listen to Episode 32 of The Revengers Podcast, titled “THE FLASH Delayed (Again), Chris Evans’ Mixed Signals, Dark Phoenix, and GOING COSMIC!” right here:

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