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THE FANBOY: “TITANS Review, Superman In The Phantom Zone, Gunn’s Suicide Squad, And Redemption”


On this week’s edition of The Fanboy Podcast, host Mario-Francisco Robles talks about the newest arrival to the DC Universe streaming service: Titans. He’s seen the first episode, and he’s got thoughts (shocking!). From there, he talks about Venom, the way a “fun” tone can improve a shaky movie, how Justice League doomed Superman…and maybe why that’s okay? From there, he sounds off on James Gunn joining the cinematic DC Universe with Suicide Squad and what the folks decrying Gunn need to consider.

A big central theme this week, which should come as no surprise to anyone, is the writing on the wall that Henry Cavill is out as Superman. MFR takes some time to point out what the studio’s philosophy seems to be for how they plan on bringing Superman back into the fold at some point.

Towards the end, things shift over to the theme of redemption; About what it takes to come back from your pitfalls, and how we all need to be more patient and understanding when our fellow man has made a mistake. Things get personal, but also illuminating as MFR discusses the curious nature of artists and the way some of the very elements that make them special are the same ones that can lead to them doing things we don’t quite understand.

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