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The Disney and Fox Merger Will Be Officially Way Sooner Than Expected!


Arguably the single most important ongoing event in the film industry this past year is the merger between Disney and Fox. While most don’t realize it, the obvious talking point of how this merger will result in the MCU getting access to numerous fan favorite characters is just a footnote in a much bigger get. Practically an entire century’s worth of films made by Fox will now wind up under the ownership of Disney, quite a few employees at the studio will be let off following the merger and the segments of Fox that Disney didn’t purchase will go off to become a company currently being dubbed “New Fox.” These will all be huge changes in the industry moving forward… and it appears that change might arrive just a bit earlier than anticipated.

According to Variety, Fox top exec Peter Rice told employees that the studio will be “logistically ready” to close on the deal with Disney come January 1st, 2019. However this does not mean that the deal will be fully completed or that the X-Men will be ready to join the MCU in a last minute cameo by that date. It’s an extensive process that inevitably extend past the start of the new year, likely by at least several months.

That said, receiving word that Fox will be ready in any form at all to start closing the deal by January 1st is interesting news and seems to point towards a speedy merger. For better or worse, the merger is going to happen and the film industry is bound to feel the repercussions of this move in the years to come.

Be sure to leave your thoughts below, as we know this news is either very exciting or very daunting, depending on how you look at it.

SOURCE: Variety


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