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RAMBO 5 Will Bring Stallone Face To Face With A Villain From LIFE ITSELF


Last month I had the privilege of seeing Life Itself, a film ravaged by critics that I unapologetically adored. One of the (many) surprises I encountered while watching that film was the performance of Sergio Peris-Mencheta. He wasn’t an actor I was at all familiar with, but I found him to be very naturally charismatic and magnetic. That’s what makes today’s Rambo 5: Last Blood casting update so cool.

Deadline is reporting that Peris-Mencheta has been cast as the lead villain in the film, which will presumably act as the swan song for Sylvester Stallone’s iconic John Rambo character.

While not a ton is known about Rambo 5: Last Blood, we are aware of the fact that the film will put Rambo on a collision course with a Mexican cartel after they kidnap the daughter of a friend of his. Peris-Mencheta will play Hugo Martinez, the cartel’s ruthless kingpin.

You can currently see the actor on the Amazon TV series Snowfall.

One has to wonder if Stallone’s buddy Antonio Banderas had anything to do with putting Peris-Mencheta on his radar for Rambo 5. The two worked together on Richard Donner’s Assassins, as well as The Expendables 3. Banderas also starred in Life Itself, and the bulk of his scenes were with Peris-Mencheta- and the two lit up the screen together. Could it all be a coincidence? Sure. But I’d like to think Banderas got on the phone and told Sly, “You have to take a look at this guy.”

Rambo 5: Last Blood has been picking up steam as of late, between some new images released by Stallone via Instagram as well as the casting of Paz Vega.

How are you feeling about Rambo 5? Excited? Indifferent? Angry? Let us know!

SOURCE: Deadline


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