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Gavin O’Connor Wrote A SUICIDE SQUAD 2 Film That Was Too Similar To BIRDS OF PREY


I’m sure you’ve heard by now that DC is courting James Gunn to write and possibly direct Suicide Squad 2. What you might not remember is that they already had a writer and director lined up – Gavin O’Connor.

So what happened that O’Connor wasn’t involved with Suicide Squad 2 anymore? Well according to Variety’s Justin Kroll, it was because he wrote a script way to similar to Birds of Prey which they wanted to do first.

“On the Gavin O’Connor front in relation to SS2, hearing the story he had for the sequel ended up almost being identical to the BIRDS OF PREY story and when that film was given the go ahead to go before SQUAD 2, O’Connor grew frustrated and fell off project to do HAS BEEN instead”

The frustration is understandable – I’m sure O’Connor made a fun story, and then was told to change it because they have a similar story for another movie that they like better. The movie The Has Been that Kroll refers to had its title changed to Torrance. It stars Ben Affleck (who O’Connor worked with in The Accountant) in a story about a washed up basketball player who lost everything, trying to redeem himself by coaching a high school team.

If you were curious as to what O’Connor’s Suicide Squad 2 could have been, we will get at least a general idea when we watch Birds of Prey. If the stories were that similar, then you could imagine it with different characters.

There could of course be more to this, but we will have to wait to hear what O’Connor says about it, if he ever speaks on the matter. DC has been going through a massive re-tooling lately, and it seems to be paying off. Aquaman looks great, so does Shazam and Wonder Woman 1984. Those are the concrete things that have been filmed, or are filming, and that is what I like to focus on.

What do you make of this? Do you think there is more to the story?


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