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RUMOR: AVENGERS 4 To Take Place Several Years After INFINITY WAR


Following the shocking events depicted at the conclusion of Avengers: Infinity War, fans around the world have been wondering how the next film would follow things up. One of the more pressing questions is exactly how much time will have lapsed between that film and next year’s Avengers 4. Many had assumed that it would pick up precisely from where Infinity War left off, since the two films have long been discussed as a two-part story that was cut down the middle. But a new rumor suggests that the universe will have been living in the fallout of Thanos’ actions for several years when we next meet up with the surviving Avengers.

To recap, the “Mad Titan” Thanos snapped his fingers while wearing the Infinity Gauntlet at the end of the last film, which resulted in the apparent deaths of half of all life in the universe. That was a decidedly unhappy ending, and a far cry from what we typically expect from Disney’s Marvel Studios. So you wouldn’t be wrong for thinking the next film would try and reverse that tragedy pretty quickly, and yet a friend of mine with a proven track record is saying that as many as five years may have passed by the time Avengers 4 begins.

Avengers 4 starts YEARS after Infinity War,” writer Daniel RPK of Super Bro Movies said on twitter last night. “Not just a few months later as some people were hoping for. Sorry guys.

I spoke with him directly, since he and I have collaborated on stories in the past, and I asked him how confident he was about that proclamation. In short? Very.

If I’m running this here, it’s because I trust Daniel. If he’s saying this, it’s because he heard it from someone he has faith in, and I can vouch for the strength of his sources. Still, just to be safe, I’m filing this as a rumor until we see a trailer and get some confirmation about the film’s timeline.

How would you feel if this pans out and Avengers 4 takes place a few years after Infinity War? Let me know in the comments below!

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