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Goddard’s Reason For Not Sequelizing CABIN IN THE WOODS Will Restore Your Faith In Hollywood


When Drew Goddard’s The Cabin In The Woods came out six years ago, it was a moderate success. Part-horror movie, part horror movie satire, the extremely clever and inventive genre mash-up earned stellar reviews while on its way to a $66.5 million worldwide haul at the box office. That’s not a ton of money, but it’s more than double the budget, and you know how Hollywood typically is. When they see anything attain the slightest bit of success, they try and crank out more of it- especially when the names behind the scenes are ones like Goddard and Whedon.

And yet there’s never been an attempt to make a Cabin In The Woods 2. Some might say that the original film’s ending wrote them into a corner, but come on, folks, this is Hollywood. They’ve never met a dead end in the horror genre that they couldn’t write themselves out of (see: the Halloween and Saw series).

While out promoting his new film Bad Times at The El Royale, Goddard was asked if a sequel had ever been considered for Cabin, and here’s what he said:

“We had some crazy ideas but Joss [Whedon] and I both felt strongly that we didn’t want to do it just to do it. Right? I’m very lucky that I get to keep making movies, I don’t need to just go make a sequel for the sake of making a sequel. The only way we could do it is if we could do it justice, and the truth is, it’s a hard one to do justice to. Every version of continuing the story undercuts the ending that we had in Cabin, and I just feel like that continues to be the perfect ending for that movie and I never want to undercut it.”

Isn’t that nice to hear? That they didn’t want to do it just to do it, and that they’d rather leave well enough alone rather than undercutting their creation for the sake of profits? It’s nice to see that Goddard and Whedon have shown restraint in that department, and it’s made even nicer by knowing that Goddard has kept on making things that excite us. From creating the Netflix/Marvel series Daredevil, to writing Ridley Scott’s The Martian, to Bad Times at The El Royale– which looks tremendous- we’re happy to see Goddard pursuing fresh, exciting things rather than looking backward.

Did you enjoy The Cabin In The Woods? Would you have wanted a Cabin In The Woods 2 if they found a way to make a sequel or spinoff? Let us know!

SOURCE: Fandango


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