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BREAKING: James Gunn Jumping To DC To Write And Direct SUICIDE SQUAD 2?


A few months back, when it became clear that Disney would not be backing off on their decision to fire writer-director James Gunn from Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3 after a series of old tweets created an uproar that came back to haunt him in the present day, there was talk that the rest of Hollywood was very interested in his services. At the time, one of the more tantalizing possibilities was that he could end up jumping over to Warner Bros. and working on one of their DC Entertainment properties.

At the time, that felt like nothing more than fan-driven speculation over what property they’d like to see him tackle, since the man clearly has an eye for adapting comic book characters for the screen. Both of his Guardians of The Galaxy films were major successes for Marvel Studios, so fans began to consider which DC properties James Gunn would be a good fit for. One that came up quite often was Green Lantern Corps, because of the cosmic nature of that story and Gunn’s experience taking the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the cosmos.

Well, flash forward to today and it’s no longer just a fanboy game of “What if?

According to The Wrap, Gunn is in talks to enter the cinematic DC Universe. But it wouldn’t be for Green Lantern Corps. No, it would be for another long-gestating project: Suicide Squad 2!

The sequel to DC’s 2016 hit has had its own trials and tribulations over the last two years. Most recently, though, it seemed to be on the right track with new writer Todd Stashwick claiming he’d finished an updated script for the film that would deepen the characters. That was less than a month ago.

What makes The Wrap’s exclusive report extra notable is that it mentions that Gunn is in talks to write “with an eye to direct” Suicide Squad 2. What does this mean for Stashwick’s script which, itself, was a second version of the film? Does this mean Gunn would do an additional rewrite, creating a third version of Suicide Squad 2 or does it mean the studio would toss the existing script if it means securing Gunn’s services?

Also, get this, Borys Kit from The Hollywood Reporter is claiming it may not even be a sequel- but rather a reboot. What is going on?!

We’ll have to wait and see. The story is developing. Stay tuned for further updates!

For now, what are you thoughts on James Gunn potentially coming to DC to write- and possibly direct- Suicide Squad 2?

SOURCE: The Wrap


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