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THE FANBOY GARAGE EPISODE 21: The Venom Surrounding Venom, Creed II, Cowboy Rambo and More”


On this episode of The Fanboy Garage, hosts Chris Lisanti and Aaron Virola, unpack their thoughts around the reception of Venom from critics and fans before Aaron dives into a rant about fandom and the MCU.


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From there, they discuss their impressions of the second, hard-hitting trailer for Creed II, the DC Universe streaming service, the new of Netflix launching a Chronicles of Narnia series as well as the first image of Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo in Rambo 5 (Yee-haw!).


To close the show, they take on fan questions sharing their thoughts on Zack Snyder’s plan to kill off Batman in the DCU, their most favorite rewatchable movie, a movie or franchise least liked by the masses that they enjoy and an in-depth discussion on the Star Wars prequels.


Throw on your chaps, hat and cowboy boots because this episode is coming for you! Don’t forget to keep the conversation going by tweeting them @TheFanboyGarage.


Or you can email them directly at TheFanboyGarage.com to ask questions, listen to previous episodes or check out the latest merchandise (there’s even a Star Wars inspired tee). If you like what you’re hearing, don’t forget to leave them a five-star review.


Aaron Virola

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