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BREAKING: New DCU Calendar Reveals Release Windows For DOOM PATROL, HARLEY QUINN, More!


The DC Universe is making a big splash over this glorious New York Comic-Con extended weekend. Last night, they confirmed an old report of ours that Kaley Cuoco would be voicing Harleen Quinzel in their animated Harley Quinn series, as well as revealing that Matt Bomer would be voicing Mr. Negative on Doom Patrol. But shortly after that, an errant report hit the net that the latter series would be arriving in December of this year. That got shot down almost instantly.

Today, the good folks at the DC Universe have shared with us their tentative calendar for all of their planned original series up to this point. Take a look, and you’ll see where Doom Patrol, Young Justice: Outsiders, Swamp Thing, Stargirl, and Harley Quinn are expected to hit the streaming service:

As you can see, the next series to follow Titans will be the new Young Justice: Outsiders, followed by Doom Patrol which is expected to run weekly episodes starting mid-February and ending in late May. That’ll be followed up Swamp Thing and the second half of Young Justice, which will then give way to Stargirl in late August. As for Harley Quinn? Looks like we won’t be seeing her until mid-October of 2019.

So there you have it, folks. That’s the tentative slate as of October 4, 2018. Please note that the bottom of this official DC Universe infographic contains- in fine print- “Subject To Change,” but it remains our best look yet at when we can expect these new shows to arrive.

What do you think of this schedule? Which show has you the most excited?

SOURCE: DC Universe


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