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THE REVENGERS: ‘Talking VENOM, DARK PHOENIX, Snyder Killing Off Batman, and A Female-Led Future’


On this week’s The Revengers: The Official Movie & TV Podcast of Revenge of The Fans, the RTF Trinity of Mario-Francisco Robles, Vanessa Lee Bontea, and Brett Thomas Miro are back to discuss the latest current events in geekdom. They open with a brief chat about Universal developing a female-led Fast and Furious movie and Sony similarly planning a female spinoff of their 21 Jump Street series. With Vanessa being a big fan of Ocean’s 8, but generally not being thrilled about movies that are “all” anything, MFR wanted to get her thoughts on this trend.

From there, they get into a chat about the box office (where Kevin Hart is once again king), this week’s big, new arrival Venom, and the shenanigans surrounding Simon Kinberg’s X-Men film, Dark Phoenix. Another topic on the show this week comes off the heels of the revelation that Zack Snyder planned on killing off Batman and the way DC Entertainment totally dropped the ball on explaining what their intentions were with Zack Snyder’s DCEU movies– which doomed that chapter before it ever had a chance.

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