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VENOM Features Multiple Post-Credits Scenes


Confession time: I almost completely forgot that Ruben Fleischer’s Venom is hitting theaters later this week. Maybe it’s the lack of an R-rating, maybe it’s the “Will he, won’t he?” going on about a potential Spider-Man cameo or maybe it’s just a general skepticism of Sony’s current plans for the SUMC (“Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters”). Whatever the reason, the Tom Hardy-led film just doesn’t seem to be sparking an interest for me. Regardless of my personal bias though, it’s worth sharing news that the film will follow modern comic book film tradition in featuring multiple post-credits scenes. reports that Venom features two post-credits scenes, though the site “won’t get into exactly where these scenes fall in Venom’s credits sequence, much less what the scenes are.” Regardless, the site insists that audiences will have “a reason to stay in their seats.

If I were a betting man, I’d put good money on at least one of those post-credits scenes involving whoever Woody Harrelson plays in the film (psst! he’s probably Carnage). After all, assuming that Riz Ahmed’s character is the main villain of Venom, Carnage is the go-to villain pick for a potential sequel film.

That said, it seems pretty clear at this point that neither post-credits scene will feature everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. In an interview with, director Fleischer seemed to imply that he was unable to include Peter Parker in the film. He stated, “I think there’s a pretty obvious one inherent to the Venom franchise that for whatever reason couldn’t be included in the film. But I will say that I look forward to future movies where said character could perhaps run across Venom. Nothing would be more exciting to see than a face off with Spider-Man.

For now, fans will just have to wait until later this week and see how Venom turns out. It would be incredible for someone to nail a superhero film that actually goes into that Cronenbergian style of body horror, so we’ll see what happens.

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