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THE FANBOY: ‘Fandom, Heroes, and The Escape Valve (w/ Author Mark O’Connell)’


This week, on the 74th Edition of The Fanboy Podcast, host Mario-Francisco Robles is delighted to bring on Mark O’Connell- the author behind the great new book WATCHING SKIES: STAR WARS, SPIELBERG, AND US. Together, they do a deep-dive on the state of fandom, and how it’s evolved since the great geek boom of the 1970s- when pop culture, and the WORLD, first became obsessed with Star Wars, Superman, and creators like George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Richard Donner, Robert Zemeckis, and more. O’Connell has a uniquely personal perspective, since he’s a fan of the current entertainment landscape, yet was there when Jaws and other films changed Hollywood and pop culture forever.

You can read our own Matt Vernier’s review of Watching Skies: Star Wars, Spielberg, and Us RIGHT HERE!

They touch on many of the issues MFR has been bringing up for a while now, be it the harassment of artists and creators by entitled fans, to the overwhelming amount of content out there and the pros and cons that’s had for the industry and for fans, to fun stuff like what’s going on with the James Bond franchise and- of course- some time is spent talking about Henry Cavill and Superman’s cinematic future.

Along the way, in segments before and after the conversation with Mr. O’Connell, MFR also shares with you his hopes and concerns for Venom, sheds light on the upcoming Revenger Watch Party for Halloween, and cautions you about not over-using The Escape Valve.

You can listen to this week’s The Fanboy Podcast, titled “Fandom, Heroes, and The Escape Valve (w/ Author Mark O’Connell)” right here:

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