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Beast Boy Transforms In New TITANS Clip, Johns Talks His DOOM PATROL Origin


With October 12th release date fast approaching for Titans on the DC Universe streaming service, we have been treated to a first look at Beast Boy’s transformation. Up to this point we have yet to see any transformation out of Beast Boy from any of the Titans clips released thus far. Some even wondered how his abilities would be displayed on the series. Rest assured ladies and gentlemen, Titans will be transforming our young hero and here is the first clip showing his transformation.

As you can see from the clip, Beast Boy/Gar Logan will utilize his shapeshifting abilities on the show after all and will help bring a comedic tone to the series. From what looks like a departure from the usual, Gar will transform back free of clothes and will appear normal in skin tone versus the usual green. I can see how this adds a bit of humor to the scenes in which he transforms back to his usual self, but hopefully the series finds a way around this, as there is only so many times we can find humor in his naked appearance.

Geoff Johns also drops a few hints about Beast Boys past:

“We’ll meet him with another surrogate family, and we’ll see why he would choose to get involved with the Titans — or Dick and Rachel, specifically.” “He’s a fun character. He’s one of the best characters to write. I love writing Gar, and Ryan Potter plays him amazingly well.”

Doom Ptrol TT

As expected being developed by Johns, Titans will showcase Beast Boy’s origins as a member of the Doom Patrol. Teen Titans animated series previously showed his origin, in a season 5 episode titled “Homecoming”, where Beast Boy is represented as the youngest member of that team and surrogate son to Mento and Elasti-Gril. He ultimately found a new family with the Titans after being discharged by Mento for Beast Boy’s inability to choose the mission above the team.

Titans is set to premiere October 12 on the DC Universe Streaming Service, with Doom Patrol joining the service’s line up sometime in 2019, but first making an appearance in season one of Titans.

Did you enjoy his feral appearance? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: EW


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