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THE REVENGERS: ‘JOKER Conspiracy Theories, BLACK WIDOW Rumors, BOP, The Ayer Cut, And An Asian Tidal Wave!’


This week’s episode of The Revengers: The Official Movie & TV Podcast of Revenge of The Fans is absolutely stacked, and filled with surprises. From an unexpected cameo to start things off, to a spirited- and often hilarious- discussion about all things DC, Marvel, and Geek, right down to a blooper reel at the end, the RTF Trinity has a ton of entertainment for your podcasting delight.

That’s right, folks, the core trio of Vanessa Lee Bontea, Brett Thomas Miro, and Mario-Francisco Robles are back together and for their regularly scheduled date for the first time in ages! As such, despite MFR being sick with a massive cold, they’re super energized to pod your brains out.

This week’s topics include:

And more!

You can listen to Episode 29 of The Revengers Podcast, titled “JOKER Conspiracy Theories, BLACK WIDOW Rumors, BOP, The Ayer Cut, And An Asian Tidal Wave!” right here:

And you can also check out this video of the epic blooper that was created to start off the news section…as they simply couldn’t hold it together:

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