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First Look: MEN IN BLACK


Men in Black is getting the soft reboot treatment, but unlike what normally accompanies a reboot, I haven’t really heard angry grumblings. I think people are ready to say goodbye to K and J, Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, respectively. They had a good run. The first film was a massive hit and started the franchise. The second film, cleverly titled Men in Black II, was also successful, but most people agree it was a bit of a let down. Men in Black III was a definite improvement and ended up as the highest grossing film in the series internationally.

MIB is still a viable franchise, but it is in need of some new blood. Thankfully Sony agrees with me and they have a mostly new cast.

Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson got along so well in Thor: Ragnarok, that the Sony decided to team them up again for the MIB reboot. If you don’t believe me just take a look below.

Yep, those are Agent M (Thompson) and Agent H (Hemsworth) our new Men in Black. I can’t wait for this. They had great chemistry in Ragnarok. I’m ready for a fresh take on MIB.

Hemsworth and Thompson will be joined by Liam Neeson, Rebecca Ferguson, Kumail Nanjiani, Rafe Spall and Emma Thompson who is playing Agent O, her role from MIB III. F. Gary Gary is taking over directing duties.

The Untitled Men in Black Spin-Off hits theaters June 14, 2019.

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