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THE FANBOY GARAGE EPISODE 19: Aquaman vs Mary Poppins vs Bumblebee, A Peek at the Joker, Captain Marvel and More!

On this episode of The Fanboy Garage, hosts Chris Lisanti and Aaron Virola, set a friendly wager between themselves and fans as they unpack their thoughts on the three-way box office showdown between AquamanBumblebee and Mary Poppins Returns. Which one will steal the hearts, minds and dollars of family audiences during the holidays? The Fanboys break it down and place their bets!


You can listen to the latest episode RIGHT HERE…

From there, the boys share their reactions on the first picture of Joaquin Phoenix as “Arthur” in the upcoming Joker movie as well as their thoughts on the first trailer of Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson.  Before jumping into fan questions, they follow on up last week’s episode with their final thoughts on Henry Cavill’s departure as Superman and quickly discuss rumors of a potential Loki and Scarlet Witch series for the Disney streaming service.


They close the show in grand fashion by fielding fan questions tackling everything from their favorite voice actors, how they’d reboot the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the person that influenced their fandom, which classic movie they’d like to see rebooted ala Mary Poppins, and their impressions of the latest Venom poster, and the intention that Zack Snyder planned on including The Atom in the DCU.


Place your dollar bets and rub your lucky rabbit foot because your gonna hit the jackpot with this episode! Be sure to subscribe where all great podcasts are found and don’t forget to keep the conversation going by tweeting them @TheFanboyGarage.


Or you can email them directly at TheFanboyGarage.com to ask questions, listen to previous episodes or check out the latest merchandise (there’s even a Superman inspired tee). If you like what you’re hearing, don’t forget to leave them a five-star review.


Aaron Virola

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