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Disney is launching their new streaming app, called Disney Play (it should be called “Vault Disney” but that is beside the point), and bringing a lot of original content with it. We knew Marvel would have a presence on the service, but didn’t know in what capacity. Now we do.

According to Variety, Marvel will develop live action “limited” television series featuring Loki and Scarlet Witch. It is being planned with the original actors, Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen, respectively, and is expected to fit into the MCU timeline. Variety also notes that other characters are being talked about too.

We knew before this that the Marvel shows currently on Netflix, will stay there. We knew that Disney was developing movies like a live action Lady and The Tramp to debut on the service, as well as a live action Star Wars television series from Jon Favreau.

These miniseries from Marvel seems like they will connect much better to the movies than the other TV shows have. There is a ton of potential here to tell deeper stories in that universe.

It begs the question though, what would the timeline be? Loki’s death seemed pretty final, and even if the events of Infinity War get changed, it feels like Loki’s death was early enough to stay permanent. It is always possible that the series could be earlier in the timeline – something between the original Thor and when he returns in The Avengers. But that could confuse some people.

As far as Scarlet Witch goes, her history really ties in with the X-Men, as Magneto is her father. If Disney can start using Fox properties by then, this is no issue. If they can’t, I am curious to see what story they will tell for her. Her love story with Vision is the obvious one, but we’ve seen that already.

The obvious one I feel is missing here is Hawkeye. He never got his due in the movies, and would be a great character for a limited series – especially if it was a way to introduce Kate Bishop into the MCU. Renner has gone on record as saying he would be up for doing a Hawkeye series in the past, so it isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

A Dora Milaje series would be fun too. See the problems they have to take care of in Wakanda while King T’Challa is away.

If this idea takes off, I’d love a comedy with Luis from Ant-Man (Michael Pena) meeting Ned from Spider-Man: Homecoming, and having all types of adventures. Maybe they can meet up with Thor’s Earth roommate Darryl. But before that pipe dream happens, the Loki and Scarlet Witch shows need to be successful.

Streaming services are breaking the molds, and are letting all types of different stories be told. This would be great for Star Wars too – give us miniseries based off of some smaller existing characters in between seasons of the main show. A sitcom like Cheers except in Mos Eisley? Yes please. A podracing type show that follows a race team? Gimme. A show that chronicles Lieutenant Kaydel Ko Connix’s (played by Carrie Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd) rise in the Resistance? I’m there. The opportunities are endless.

We’ll keep you updated on the Loki and Scarlet Witch shows. Which MCU characters would you like to see get a miniseries?

Source: Variety


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