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WILLOW 2: Warwick Davis Has Some Ideas


Warwick Davis has had quite the career. He’s appeared in all of the Harry Potter films and even had the title role in six Leprechaun films. Davis first burst onto the scene as Wicket, the lead Ewok in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. and has gone on to have cameo appearances in The Force Awakens, Rogue One, The Last Jedias well as this year’s Solo: A Star Wars Story. He is also known for the Ron Howard film Willow.

Solo reunited Davis with Howard, who helmed the 80s cult favorite. The two talked about the flick during breaks in filming. Davis even spoke to Jon Kasdan, co-writer of Solo, about the possible progression of Willow in a sequel. Here’s what Davis had to say:

“That would be hugely exciting….revisiting Willow as a character, now he’s older and wiser and perhaps even a better sorcerer, who knows by now, would be brilliant fun. I would absolutely love to do that. Ron and I we chatted about Willow quite a lot. Jon Kasdan who was obviously the screenwriter on Solo, he’s a pretty big fan of Willow, it’s one of the reasons he got into screenwriting and film making. He and I talked a lot about where we could take Willow in the future.”

Davis even had a chance to speak with producers Kathleen Kennedy and George Lucas, who also wrote the story for the fantasy flick.

“I remember a particular day which was very special on Solo. I was working with the second unit and Ron, and I got a message through saying ‘oh George [Lucas] is here today, he’d like to see you.’ So I went on set, it was the day they were on the Falcon. I remember myself, George, Jon Kasdan, Kathy Kennedy all chatting about Willow. I would think ‘this is like the stars have aligned right here. If anybody’s going to get a sequel or something else made in regard to Willow, this is it and this is the time to do it.’ Who knows, kind of watch this space, I guess.”

Would you like to see a sequel to Willow? If so, where would you like to see it take the characters? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Cinema Blend


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