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JUSTICE LEAGUE: The SNYDER CUT Would Have Included The Atom


Justice League would have featured yet another DC Comics character if Zack Snyder had his way. Recently a fan took to Vero to ask the director a question. Posting a screen shot of a deleted scene in which Silas Stone is seen with another scientist, with a question aimed at Snyder simply reading “Who is it?” Snyder replied and confirmed the character was Ryan Choi, better known as the second Atom.


It has now been 10 months since the release of Justice League and 14 months since Snyder’s exit, yet fans clamor for more. Snyder’s response to the poster will be sure to fuel continued interest in the mythical Snyder Cut of Justice League, that was we discussed at length wity artist Jay Oliva.

The inclusion of Ryan Choi in Justice League would not have guaranteed an appearance by the Atom, nor do we have reason to believe so. It seems this piece of casting was simply an easter egg for the fans, in which future films could have expanded upon.

Ryan Choi is of course the second character to don the mantel of the Atom, the first being Ray Palmer. Ray Palmer is seen weekly on the CW’s Arrowverse on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, played by Brandon Routh of Superman Returns. Routh has been portraying the character since Arrow’s third season, which led him to star and co headline his own with DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. For a season one retrospective of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, be sure to check it out HERE.

As elusive as The Snyder Cut is, fans continue to champion for its release, and restore his vision by completing the originally envisioned trilogy that began with Man of Steel, BvS: Dawn of Justice, and culminated with Justice League. Last month saw with my inaugural submission, a final plea for “The Snyder Cut”, and as we struggle with the news of Henry Cavill’s possible departure , Warner Bros should change the conversation and strongly consider plans to release “The Snyder Cut”.

Source: ComicBook


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