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SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY Writer Releases 53 Interesting Facts About The Film


Solo: A Star Wars Story was written by father/son duo Lawrence and Jon Kasdan. The digital version is now out for purchase, and since there was no commentary track from the writers, Jon Kasdan took to Twitter to give some tidbits about the flick. There is a lot of interesting things mentioned throughout. There will be spoilers in these notes if you have not seen the movie yet.

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One thing that was interesting is that Bossk – who gets a mention by Val – almost actually appeared in the movie. The thing that surprised me the most though, is how much of Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s ideas not only made the movie, but were wanted and appreciated by Kasdan. The rumor was that the writers were made that Lord and Miller were going off script too much, but Kasdan has several instances here where he is sad that a Lord and Miller thing didn’t make the cut.

What’s troubling though, are his comments about Thandie Newton. While complimentary on the surface, Kasdan is his own solution to his complaint. Oscar Isaac didn’t like how small of a role Poe originally had in The Force Awakens (he was supposed to die during the Tie Fighter crash on Jakku). He raised that issue with Abrams, who retooled the script to make him survive. Now he is one of the main characters in the new trilogy. There is no reason this couldn’t have happened with Val. Before the movie even came out, I pointed out that Newton should have been Q’ira. Her talents wouldn’t have been wasted that way.

Kasdan breezily address the L3 controversy, but overall, he covers nearly every aspect of the film. He doesn’t know why there wasn’t a commentary, but I assume that its because of the controversy surrounding the making of it.

What was your favorite factoid of Kasdan’s about Solo?

Solo: A Star Wars Story is available now on 4K Digital.

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