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Revenger Submission: ‘Where’s Our Man of Tomorrow?’


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This week, we’re happy to share with you this impassioned plea from a fan who’s worried about the state of the cinematic Superman and the way he seems to constantly get lost in the shuffle.

“Where’s Our Man of Tomorrow?”

By Daniel White (@dannywwhi)

In the golden age of cinematic superheroes you would think that the first and rightful king of superheroes would reign supreme. However, it seems like Superman, the Man of Tomorrow, has lost his footing in the present when it comes to the movies. Sure ,the character has stayed popular since the heyday of Christopher Reeve, when he singlehandedly ushered in the era of big screen superheroes, due to animation and TV shows, but his place on the big screen seems to have disappeared.

Is the Man of Tomorrow no longer relevant? Is Superman too old-fashioned? What’s happened to Superman? In my opinion, it’s none of the above. Sure the world has changed but Superman is relevant because he hasn’t. The world can change around him but Superman perseveres because he doesn’t waver in the face of adversity. He stands strong and in many ways, he is more human than any of us. Sure he can move mountains and soar above the clouds but it’s his humanity that makes him the King of Heroes.

It’s his warmth and compassion for others; It’s his moral standing in even the darkest of times; It’s his love for his family and friends that makes him an inspiration. You can connect and feel for him as Clark Kent and you are inspired and captivated by him as Superman. It seems as if the movie studios can’t understand him and in an effort to bring him to life on the big screen they are constantly trying to change and fix a character that’s not broken.

You can take Superman and place him in the darkest of movies but he should never become a dark and brooding character. Sure, as Clark he struggles but he never loses hope. From the failed Burton project, Superman Lives, to the Snyder films they seem to have lost their way and are ignoring what’s right in front of them. They can’t seem to understand that fans want Superman to be Superman and that’s not a hard film to make.

Cavill may or may not be gone from the role and while I may not be his biggest fan that’s more because of the direction and less because of the actor. I’m still hopeful that we will get the Superman we deserve on the big screen one day- the portrayal that the character deserves. This is a character that’s currently celebrating his 80th Anniversary. He has done that because of the amount of respect that’s been given to him by so many wonderful writers and artists. They have understood not just what the character stands for but also what he means to his fans, and to the world as a symbol of hope that transcends the comic book medium.

I hope they manage to keep that in the forefront of their minds as Superman continues into the future, because we need our Man of Tomorrow.

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