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CONJURING UNIVERSE To Keep Its Tones And Themes Consistent, Says Producer


We here at Revenge of the Fans have mentioned a few times recently how James Wan’s The Conjuring Universe is arguably the second most successful example of a cinematic universe after Marvel Studio’s MCU. However, judging by the layout given by Marvel, part of the MCU‘s success has been its ability to generally maintain vitality with audiences by both introducing and developing new and charming characters and through genre-bending its more recent entries to keep the superhero genre from growing stale fast. That in turn leads to the question: How long with Wan and Co. be able to continue the Conjuring-Verse‘s success before having to diversify their new entries more noticeably?

According to producer Peter Safran, quite awhile still. He stated in an interview:

There really haven’t been [any talks about that]. We try to have a certain consistency in the films in terms of what their core values and concepts are – the idea of faith, potential loss of faith; the idea that good and evil exist; and you’re only real armor against evil is your faith, whatever that faith may be. So I think they’re all going to live in that world, so I don’t see them becoming ‘lighter,’ but I also don’t see them becoming darker than what we’re doing with The Nun, for example.

It’s a valid point. Up to now, The Conjuring films have all taken their cues from the haunted house mold of horror stories and around the concept of demons in particular. Certain types of horror monsters result in different themes and concepts than others- after all, the massive relevance of faith typically plays more into horror stories about demons than say werewolves or mummies.

So for now, it’s probably best to see the Conjuring Cinematic Universe as still being in its Phase One stage. Whenever the time does come to change things up more, it will be interesting to see how Wan and company opt to approach that issue.

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SOURCE: CinemaBlend


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