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THE REVENGERS: ‘Harington/Batman Rumors, Swamp Thing, Conjuring, And Shared Universes’


On this week’s show, hosts Brett Miro and Mario-Francisco Robles have to hold down the fort without Vanessa Bontea- who had to miss Episode 28 of The Revengers: The Official Movie & TV Podcast of Revenge of The FansBut it’s okay, because it allows the two of them to open things up with their non-spoiler reactions to Shane Black’s The Predator, which they saw the night before.

From there, they do a deep-dive on the big stories of the week. Namely the RTF Exclusive that Kit Harington was, at one point, being considered to play Batman, the casting news for Swamp ThingBlack Panther making a big push for the Oscars, what it takes to create and manage a successful shared universe, and then they take some time to answer some listener questions.

As always, you guys sent in some great questions for The Revengers to tackle. The questions and topics addressed this week include:

  • Are video game adaptations better as TV series than they are as movies?
  • Who should play Superman if things fall apart with Cavill?
  • What’s there to look forward to on the DC Universe service?
  • Who’s to blame for the polarizing response to The Predator?

And the biggest question of all will be handled in this episode, too:

  • What happened to Episode 27?

You can listen to Episode 28 of The Revengers Podcast, titled “Harington/Batman Rumors, Predator, Swamp Thing, Conjuring, And Shared Universes” right here:

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