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Kevin Smith Says His Mystery Project Is A Television Series


Kevin Smith is having a renaissance of sorts. After his heart attack, he’s picked up a few gigs. He’s already booked more directing gigs on Supergirl, and wants to add Batwoman to his Arrowverse resume.

He has teased that he was working on something that has “a massive IP”. He also let slip on his podcast Jay and Silent Bob Get Old that he is indeed doing something for Disney, which you can hear below (At the 1:18:04 mark): (There is strong NSFW language contained in this podcast.)

That was recorded back in May. Then on the second to last episode of Fatman on Batman (it is now being rechristened Fatman Beyond) he confirms it’s a TV show. Smith is long winded, so he begins talking about it right off the bat (no pun intended), but it is around the 3:32 minute mark that he confirms that it is NOT a movie. (There is strong NSFW language contained in this podcast.)

So, what could the Disney TV Show be? Well, I doubt it’s anything involving Mickey Mouse or something. Especially if the studio said they wanted it to “feel like Clerks” (he starts this around the 6:52 mark).

It could most definitely be something for their streaming app. Another Star Wars show to compliment Favreau’s? Is Bedknobs and Broomsticks – a movie that Smith has been on record saying he would love to remake – getting the TV series treatment? Is it a Mighty Ducks series, leaning into Smith’s love of hockey? He said it wasn’t a Marvel movie….could it be a Marvel series? Moon Knight, perhaps?

Or are the two unrelated? Smith has previously mentioned that he is gearing up to be a showrunner for a project. He could have two television projects in the works. The one he’s talking about here could be something not Disney related. Perhaps the Sam and Twitch show he was supposed to do for BBC America has come back around, and that is what he is talking about. I can see Sam and Twitch having Clerks-like conversations. Of course, the rights issues for Buckaroo Bonzai – which Smith was supposed to do for Amazon – could have been resolved, and that is one of the things he hinted at. Or maybe they are all one and the same. After all, a showrunner would write a few episodes of the series, at least.

He is definitely working on a Disney project though. Whether there is something else too, remains to be seen.

Smith is right – when he is allowed to talk about it, he will do so ad nauseam. Branding and promoting are what he’s best at. When he drops more information, we will be sure to bring it to you.

What do you think Kevin Smith is working on? What would he be a perfect fit for? Let us know.


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