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EXCLUSIVE: See Maverick’s Plane In These TOP GUN: MAVERICK Set Photos


Top Gun: Maverick is coming, and while Tom Cruise’s Maverick is supposed to be a trainer for the next generation, he is still going to get some air time. I’ve been sent pictures of what Maverick’s plane will look like in the sequel:

The movie was originally scheduled for next year, but got pushed back to 2020 in order to give the cast more time to get more real life flying experience. So it would make sense that Tom Cruise – who likes doing real stunts – would have a lot of air time in the movie.

Filming is expected to start at the end of this month.

We have a lot of information on the movie already, such as Val Kilmer appearing in the movie, and Miles Teller playing a key role as Goose’s son. We also know that Glen Powell – who was in the running to play Goose’s son – has been cast in a different role. As if that weren’t enough, veterans Ed Harris, and Jon Hamm will appear in the long awaited sequel. To round it out, Jennifer Connelly has been cast as the love interest for Cruise.

Joseph Kosinski is directing. He directed Cruise in the 2013 film Oblivion. Cruise likes to use directors he knows and has worked with before.

While nothing has been confirmed, rumor is that the plot of the film will revolve around human pilots struggling to find a place in a world where they are replaced by drones.

These pictures give us a bit of the aesthetics that will be used in the film. The plane already looks good, and that is an unpolished set pic. It will look even better when presented in the way it the filmmakers want us to see it.

What do you think?

Top Gun: Maverick hits theaters June 26, 2020.



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