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McDiarmid Talks ‘More Gruesome’ REVENGE OF THE SITH Jedi Purge Sequence, More


One of the heavier sequences in the family-friendly Star Wars prequels took place in Revenge of The Sith when newly scarred Emperor Palpatine ordered the Clone Troopers to “Execute Order 66,” which essentially made the Jedi Knights all but extinct.

According to Ian McDiarmid, who portrays Palpatine, that sequence was supposed to be much darker than what was shown on screen. He was at the FanX Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah and said the following:

“I think it was a little more gruesome than you ended up seeing, you know. A lot of young potential Jedi ended up on the cutting room floor.”

McDiarmid does say it was “probably a good idea” that it was cut to remain a softer PG-13. The film hints at Anakin killing younglings, when he ignites his lightsaber in front of them. But that is where the scene cuts away. In another world, we’d get a Rogue One type scene, but with Anakin slaughtering all of the young Jedi.

There are many detractors, when it comes to Revenge of the Sith, but McDiarmid isn’t one of them. In fact, he says Revenge of the Sith is his favorite of the roles he has done.

“That was the big transformation movie for the character, and I had a lot to.”

“I got to play that great scene — and one of the best scenes I think George has written. I know he’s often teased about his writing, but he surpassed himself in the scene at the opera. When the old monster finally nails it with Anakin and gets him over to the Dark Side,”

It is fun to wonder if we would get a darker version of that movie if it were made today. While Star Wars is still towing the PG-13 line, I feel they would have to consider it harder when movies like Logan exist. Rogue One was darker, and still managed a PG-13 rating, so there is a world where a more extreme – but not the most extreme – version could exist if the film was made today.

Would you have liked a more extreme version of the “Order 66” sequence? Or is what we got fine with you?





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