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DC’s SWAMP THING To Be ‘Hard R’ And Practical, But Will It Connect To TITANS?


Swamp Thing was never going to be a conventional DC Comics series about some cool superhero. No, the character and his mythology requires an approach more akin to a horror film- which is why it was such a stroke of genius by the good folks at DC to secure The Conjuring‘s James Wan to produce the show.

Wan brought on his The Nun collaborator Gary Dauberman to oversee the series, which will have a pilot directed by Underworld‘s Len Wiseman. Dauberman recently chatted with Slashfilm, where he revealed that the design for Swamp Thing is “going to look amazing and less of the ‘man in suit’ that you’ve seen in the movie and the other TV show”- implying they’ll be using some combination of practical and digital effects to create the central creature.

But beyond that, Dabuerman also revealed some interesting insights about the tone and storytelling approach for the series:

We always set out to make Swamp Thing as hard R as we could and go graphic with the violence, with the adult themes and make it as scary as possible. Because we’re doing it through the DC streaming service, they really pushed us, although they didn’t have to push hard, for us to go as extreme as we could. We really took our inspiration from the Alan Moore run in Swamp Thing, this landmark I think run. Fans of that series will know it gets pretty weird and extreme and scary.”

It’s certainly true that the DC Universe streaming service will be pushing the envelope in terms of mature content, as we’ve heard that the streaming network’s debut series Titans is pretty violent and profane. There’s been talk that all of the network’s shows, which will also include Doom Patrol, will be part of their own shared universe. Dauberman addresses that, and it doesn’t seem like as much of a sure thing as we’d been led to believe:

“I think the opportunity is there if we want to [connect the series] but it’s not mandated. I think we could if, in the future, it organically works itself out to be that way. I haven’t discussed that with the guys from Titans and they haven’t discussed it with us.”

In a way, that’s reassuring. It’s probably better to have any eventual connections between the shows happen naturally and organically, rather than forcing some sort of synergy.

What do you think of these new Swamp Thing details?

SORUCE: Slashfilm


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