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THE FANBOY GARAGE Episode 17: Batman Beyond, a Joker Give & Take, Face/Off, Remakes, McClane, Nerds and More!


The Fanboy Garage, hosts Chris Lisanti and Aaron Virola, kick things off in this episode unpacking their thoughts on the quick entry and departure of Alec Baldwin from the Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie as well as Dave Bautista’s decision to potentially no longer work with Disney and Marvel in their widely successful Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.


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With a jab, cross, hook, they bob and weave to take on questions from listeners; debating and discussing topics like the best cinematic facial hair (yes mustaches, goatees and chops) and their thoughts on John Woo’s movie, Face/Off with Nicholas Cage and John Travolta. From there, they get into a conversation on whether or not there should be a set time between original movies and their remakes/reboots before they jump into the Fall and Winter movies they’re looking forward to the most (hint Halloween, Aquaman and maybe Venom).


To close the show, they tackle some of their favorite DC Elseworld stories in comics and in animated films before answering a final listener question about a Batman Beyond movie. From casting to plot, they wax poetic on what they’d like to see in this futuristic Batman movie and discuss the idea of a battle for the cowl story line.


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