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Short List For Boyle’s Replacement On BOND 25 Features Series’ Potential First Female Director!


A new James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig is coming. Originally, Bond 25 was set to be directed by Danny Boyle, but he left the project. Now his replacement is being chosen, and the list has been narrowed down.

According to Variety, Bond 25 producers are having meeting with directors, to try and keep the same release date. Variety breaks down who they have in mind:

Though sources stress that more meetings could be taken, MGM and Eon are showing interest in two new targets: “American Animals” helmer Bart Layton and S.J. Clarkson, who was recently tapped to direct the next “Star Trek” installment. Insiders also say “White Boy Rick” director Yann Demange, who was considered a strong contender before MGM and Eon eventually went to Boyle, is back in contention for the job.

Its not to say that someone else can’t grab the gig, but those folks are who they are focusing on. If they end up choosing Clarkson, it would actually be historic as she’d be the first female director to ever helm a 007 film.

Regardless, I think any of these choices would be fine. What’s interesting to me is what the story might be. There was a rumor that Boyle left because he refused to kill James Bond, which is what the producers wanted. I tweeted earlier, that there is definitely a way in which that could work.

They almost went this way in Skyfall. The rumor was that the old man in the house that Bond goes to in the third act to reenact Home Alone was originally offered to original Bond actor Sean Connery.

Even if they didn’t do it that way, and they wanted to kill the character, it wouldn’t last long. The Bond franchise isn’t going to voluntarily end. It will continue with a new actor after Craig leaves the franchise.

Of course, this all could not be true at all, and Boyle left for other reasons. But regardless, Bond 25 will have a new director, and it looks like they are trying to find one fast enough to not have to move the release date.

Out of the three that Variety mentioned, who would you prefer?

Bond 25 is still slated to be released on November 8, 2019.

Source: Variety


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