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The Scrapped Sequel To THE LAST STARFIGHTER Would Have Reunited The Original Cast


There is a new version of The Last Starfighter coming from Rogue One scribe Gary Whitta. His version will be a clean reboot from the original, which was made in 1984.

The original film’s director, Nick Castle, talked to Bloody Disgusting about what a sequel to the original one would have been.

“This was 10 years ago or more, maybe 12 years ago,” Castle said. “I think it was 2005 and it was going to be at that point a 30 year, 35 year sequel. It was literally a sequel where Lance [Guest] and Catherine Marie [Stewart], the leads were going to come back as parents. We had a fun script so I’m not sure right now where Jonathan [Betuel] is going to take it. He has a partner named Gary Whitta who wrote Rogue One so he’s in good company there. Hopefully, they’ll mount something fun and we’ll see our characters again.”

Rights issues and other things prevented the sequel from happening, but now that all of that is resolved, a new version can be made.

Castle is not directing the new version, but original writer Jonathan Betuel is attached to write with Whitta as well. Castle is pleased about that.

“Now just this last year, the writer has retained the rights legally now,” Castle said. “So he’s going to go out a second time around and get this thing done. I won’t be a part of it as a director. Hopefully, I’ll help out in the background but we’d love to do that. It’s so ready. The ‘80s, of course, are being mined by everything. It’s like the last thing that has not gotten remade or had a sequel. I’d love to see that continue on.”

There hasn’t been any other news on the rebooted version of The Last Starfighter but it seems that everything behind the scenes is copacetic.

I’m curious to hear from fans of the original film. Would you have preferred the sequel that Castle described? Or is Whitta’s reboot a better idea?

Source: Bloody Disgusting


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