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Will Holland’s Spider-Man Appear In VENOM Or Not? Director Pleads The Fifth


Sony’s “Universe of Marvel Comics” will be dropping its first entry in their new yet to be established shared universe, Venom, next month. As we approach the October 5th release date, we still have plenty of questions. The main one, though, is just how tied the film will be- if at all- to the Spider-Man who currently resides in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and is played by Tom Holland. And, if so, does that give the character a backdoor entrance into the MCU? While we may have to wait for the October 5th release to finally answer those questions, we may have a hint from director Ruben Fleischer via the LA Times.

I honestly don’t know what I’m allowed to say,” he said apologetically. “I mean, I know the answer — I’ve seen the movie. But I don’t want to get in trouble for saying something I’m not supposed to.

Fleischer clearly guards his response and remains vague enough to maintain hope that Holland’s Spider-Man will appear, but what if his response is just trying to save a strong opening weekend box office. If Spider-Man is not in Venom, and Fleischer lets that slip now, a month prior to release, they could very well be losing countless ticket sales. Imagine all the MCU fans who will just not tune in simply because of the lack of inter-connectivity, and the feeling of being burned by Sony before. Many still remember 2014 as the Amazing Spider-Man 2 hit theaters and although it made a fair amount of money, it failed to ignite that Spider-Man shared universe Sony so desired, so their solution was to let Marvel build a new foundation for them. With every Sony Spider-Man film prior continuing to under perform over the previous one, Spider-Man: Homecoming faced an uphill battle, but the advantage Homecoming had was Marvel was at the reins and they had a proven strategy.

Venom does have a uniqueness working in its favor, however. The character has always been beloved by readers and many have clamored for him on film since his first outing. With Fox’s Deadpool taking a fan favorite character and making him a household name, Sony seized that moment and decided to build on what Marvel did with Homecoming by taking a chance on Venom. We may have Ryan Reynolds to thank for Venom come October 5th.

A month prior to Venom’s release and Fleischer remains coy, as we wait in anticipation we continue to wonder and hope to see Holland’s Spider-Man grace the screen in some capacity. Future Spider-Man and not Holland perhaps? October 5th cannot arrive any sooner. Stay tuned Revengers as we are sure to post a review of the film as we approach its release.

Source: LA Times, Box Office Mojo


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