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Eminem Wrote A Song For VENOM


Movies collaborating with artists for original music is nothing new. But sometimes a collaboration is unexpected, even though it makes a ton of sense. That is what happened here. On Thursday, Eminem took to Twitter to tease that something was coming:

He released a 15 second clip of the song, while tagging the movie’s official Twitter account.

At the stroke of midnight, not only did this song drop, but his entire album, Kamikaze, did too.

The song is interesting. It is one of the catchier tunes that Eminem has had in a while. You can listen to the full explicit version here if you have a Spotify account:

Eminem has a very angry style, and it fits the tone the movie is trying  to capture. I can see this song playing over the end credits. Many people will hear it as audiences wait to see if we will get a post-credit Tom Holland appearance. If you really listen to the lyrics, there are a lot of metaphors he makes that make the relationship between artist and character a bit clearer.

The song is clunkily titled “Venom – Music From The Motion Picture” which means Marvel approached Eminem to develop a song, as opposed to them being interesting in an already existing one, or Eminem doing one on his own accord because he was a fan. Even still, the song is fast paced, intense, and catchy, so it feels like it could work just fine. One criticism I have is that it feels like this an early 2000’s movie because of the song, as opposed to one that is in the current superhero movie landscape we currently reside in.

What do you think of the song? Do you think it captures the tone they are trying to set with other promotional material? Or does it come off as gimmicky?

Venom hits theaters October 5, 2018.

One of Marvel’s most enigmatic, complex and badass characters comes to the big screen, starring Academy Award® nominated actor Tom Hardy as the lethal protector Venom.



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