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THE FANBOY GARAGE Episode 16: In-Movie Distractions, Rian Johnson’s New Star Wars Trilogy, Top 5 Cinematic Superhero Costumes and More


On this episode of The Fanboy Garage, hosts Chris Lisanti and Aaron Virola, unpack their thoughts and experiences on the idea of being taken out of movies because of in-movie distractions like CGI’d lips, bad accents, poor editing and more.



You can listen to this week’s episode right here —

From there, they tackle listener questions by jumping right into their thoughts on where they’d like to see Rian Johnson’s new Star Wars trilogy go, the potential stories and time periods he would cover and whether or not a completely unconnected movie would still feel like Star Wars.


To close, they go into a deep conversation running through their top-five favorite most accurate comic book costumes in cinema. From Superman, Batman, Spidermanand others, they cover a range of heroes that have been brought to life on the big screen and later discuss if fellow fanboys and fangirls should expect to see a fully costumed Wolverinein the MCU’s version of the X-Men.


Slip into your tights and strap on your leather outfit because this episode is as well rounded as Deadpool’s derriere. Be sure to tune in and subscribe where all great podcasts are found and don’t forget to keep the conversation going by tweeting them @TheFanboyGarage.


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