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Original CONSTANTINE Series To Be Included On DC UNIVERSE Service, And More Arrowverse?


While a large portion of focus will undoubtedly go to DC Universe‘s upcoming new shows such as Titans, Young Justice: Outsiders and Swamp Thing, there was another interesting bit of information revealed at the recent DC Universe Live event. The first season of NBC’s short-lived Constantine series will be featured in the streaming service’s library alongside other shows such as Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond and the original Wonder Woman show.

As with far too many shows and films out there, I have to confess that I haven’t seen any of the thirteen episodes of Constantine. I remember reading about the show’s cancellation when it happened a few years ago, but due to various reasons, I never thought to check it out. So while I’m not surprised that the show will be joining DC Universe, I must admit that I am surprised to find out that lead actor Matt Ryan has continued to play John Constantine multiple times in various formats in the years since the show’s cancellation.

Naturally this news is bound to result in fans contemplating whether or not we might eventually see a revival of Constantine on DC Universe somewhere down the road. While there doesn’t seem to be any signs of that happening right now, seeing as how Ryan was recently promoted to a series regular as Constantine on Legends of Tomorrow, it seems like an obvious idea that the folks in charge are bound to consider at some point.

Also of note is that DC Daily will apparently also cover news coming out of The CW’s Arrowverse. This shows that it’ll really be a source for news on all things DC, and Kevin Smith even referenced hoping that Arrowverse shows like The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and the like eventually make it into the streaming network’s archives.

What do you think? Does Constantine being featured in DC Universe‘s library of existing shows interest you? Be sure to leave a comment below!

SOURCE: DC via YouTube, Comicbook.com


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