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These are exciting times as DC gets ready to launch its massive streaming service, DC Universe. While the upcoming Titans show is already proving to be a bit controversial, other projects such as Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing and the long-awaited third season of Young Justice are also in the works. While the various new shows are going to come later, fans finally have a release date for the streaming service itself!

It has been announced that DC Universe will officially launch on Batman Day, aka September 15th, 2018. DC also announced during their live stream event DC Universe Live that the first season of Titans will debut on the streaming service on October 12th, 2018- although it will premiere first at New York Comic Con 2018 on October 3rd at a panel hosted by Warner Bros Television. After that, the twelve episode-long first season will air new episodes weekly on the service.

In my humble opinion though, the most exciting bit of news is the official clip (titled “Bedlam”) that DC released from the upcoming Young Justice: Outsiders. While most of the footage itself is a standard action sequence and bit of investigative work from Jesse McCartney’s Nightwing, the opening line in the scene immediately got me hyped: “Intel was on the money, Oracle.

You can check out the “Bedlam” clip right here:

Back when Barbara Gordon was still slated to be featured in Cathy Yan’s upcoming Birds of Prey, there was a brief period where it seemed as if it were possible that Babs would be introduced to the DCU already as the disabled and wheelchair-bound Oracle instead of her more widely known identity as Batgirl. And I admittedly was quite hopeful for that to happen, as diversity in media requires representation of people with disabilities just as much as it does various ethnicities, religions and sexualities.

While that obviously doesn’t seem to be the game plan now in the DCU, it’s exciting to know that fans will get to see Oracle again in Young Justice next year. While the circumstances that led to Barbara Gordon’s disability are tragic and bleak, the way her character was reinvented as Oracle throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s made her one of the single most empowering characters in comic history. For every person who gets to watch the upcoming season of this show and relate to whatever we might see Barbara go through, that’s a wonderful thing that can only come from diversity in our media.

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SOURCE: IGN, DC via YouTube, DC via YouTube


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