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THE REVENGERS: ‘Baldwin Joins JOKER, Oscar Isaac Is Everywhere, Marvel’s Guardians Problem, Way More!’


The Revenge of The Fans Trinity is whole once more, for the 26th edition of The Revengers Podcast. MFR is back from vacation, Vanessa fights an illness to make the recording, and Brett continues to exist. Listen to them tackle the biggest stories in geekdom, along with a healthy helping of Listener Questions!

The Trinity has a bunch to say about what’s going on out there, and they showed up ready to sound off.

Topics covered on this week’s episode include:

And more!

You can listen to Episode 26 of The Revengers Podcast, titled “Baldwin Joins JOKER, Oscar Isaac Is Everywhere, Marvel’s Guardians Problem, Way More!” right here:

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Mario-Francisco Robles, Vanessa Lee Bontea, and Brett Miro host this weekly series. Join them for the latest news and analysis on all of your favorite film, TV, and geek properties.


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